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Hydrogen One

Delivering the Next Generation of Renewable Energy

Providing all things hydrogen to the market, including production, storage, and transportation...


Hydrogen One is working with global leaders in the latest hydrogen technologies and has established a framework to be a single source-supplier for all things hydrogen.


Electrolysis, Blue Hydrogen Reactor and H1 proprietary technology options. Production considerations are based on availability of water, natural gas and the power source required.


The options range from traditional gas and cryogenic trucking to using the H1 proprietary transport and storage container that can be shipped using a traditional flat bed trailer.


Traditional gas and cryogenic storage containers and the H1 proprietary transport and storage container options.

Above all, we aim to become the leader in low-cost renewable hydrogen by bringing our proprietary hydrogen technology to both existing and new markets as the energy world evolves.

All About Hydrogen

In the future, hydrogen will join electricity as an important energy carrier, since it can be made safely from renewable energy sources and is virtually non-polluting. It will be used as a fuel for "zero-emissions" vehicles, to heat homes and offices, produce electricity and used in many commercial processes.

Types of Hydrogen


Hydrogen harvested from fossil gas through steam methane reformation

($1 to $3/kg)


Grey Hydrogen that has been paired with carbon capture to reduce CO2 emissions

($1.50 to $5/kg)


Hydrogen harvested from water through electrolysis powered by renewable electricity

($2.50 to $13.50/kg)

Hydrogen One's proprietary technology creates Green Hydrogen at 50% of the current cost.

Our Proprietary Technology

Hydrogen One’s proprietary technology creates a renewable, self-sufficient hydrogen plant that produces no environmental contaminants.

Products & Markets

The hydrogen production process heats water to a high temperature, causing the water molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The products are Hydrogen, Oxygen and Water.


The plant produces 75,000 kg of hydrogen per day with a purity of 99.9999%


Department of Defense


Petroleum Processing



The plant produces 600,000 kg of medical grade oxygen per day, with a purity of 99.9999%


Department of Defense

Medical Facilities

Steel Manufacturing


The plant produces 200,000 gallons per day


Department of Defense


Beverage Distribution

Production Plant Project

Here is an example of what a Hydrogen One production plant project would look like. In this client example, the requirement is a hydrogen plant that can produce 3 tons of hydrogen per day in conjunction with a water plant.

Our Company

Hydrogen One looks to disrupt the current hydrogen market, transforming the energy space with low-cost clean hydrogen for current and future hydrogen users.

Our proprietary technology will allow for a 100% renewable hydrogen plant. The reactor testing program took place over 2 years to ensure we had properly evaluated its technology and to ensure that the application of the technology in a commercial environment would have the highest probability of success.

We are working with global leaders in the latest hydrogen technologies in liquification, fuel cells, hydrogen turbines and cryogenic storage.

World Class Advisor - Ovidiu Marin Ph.D

Dr. Martin has extensive experience in working with industry, government agencies, and academia and has authored numerous patents, presentations, papers, and technical reports. 

Chief Executive Officer - Randy A. Edgerton

Mr. Edgerton has over 40 years of executive leadership and has extensive business experience in the health, energy, building materials and technology sector in both public and private companies domestically and internationally. He was founder and CEO of The TAKGroup that worked extensively in the Petroleum Industry and was responsible for the development and implementation of the first business portal for ordering, delivery and settlement of fuels and lubricants in Latin America and developed the first Internet based global oil testing platform deployed by Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, and British Petroleum.

Chief Strategy Officer - John Cabral

Mr. Cabral has extensive business development experience and has developed a variety of successful programs for Fortune 500, middle market and start-up companies. Mr. Cabral has extensive experience in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, CRM, Business Intelligence, Customer Experience, Process Improvement, and Project Management. Mr. Cabral received his B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University.

Chief Legal Officer - Steven D. Talbot

Mr. Talbot has advised companies on a range of financial issues, including mergers and acquisitions, real estate, securities and taxation. He has worked with both public and private companies in international and domestic transactions. He received his BA and MA degree from Central Washington University, his MBA from the University of Wyoming, his J.D. degree from the Willamette University School of Law and his LLM in Taxation from the University of Florida.

For Inquiries Related to Investors, Government Agencies, Sales and Technical Information, please email:

Randy A. Edgerton, CEO

[email protected]

For Inquiries Related to Marketing, Partner/Supplier Opportunities, and General Information, please email:

John Cabral, CSO

[email protected]

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